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During an official visit to Moldova 03.28.2014, the Prime Minister of Poland Donald Tusk with Prime Minister of Moldova Iurie Leanca visited the exhibition "Polish aid for the development of small and medium enterprises in Moldova". Noble guests were welcomed and guided to the exhibition by President of the East Foundation, Miroslaw Matreńczyk.

During the exhibition were presented the achievements of development projects implementation, co-financed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 2010-2013 . In the following tables are presented selected initiatives, accomplished to support entrepreneurship and the creation of new workplaces in rural areas of Moldova. The exhibition showed up profiles of businessmen and farmers, who implemented innovative, high-yield and model initiatives. This initiatives, with the support of Polish aid, created possibilities of further development for Moldovan rural regions. In the following tables were presented projects that promote the healthy food production: growing vegetables in greenhouses, rural meat and milk processing plants, Limousine cattle breed, creating organic solar fruit dryers and the construction of modern freezers for fruits and vegetables . Due to implementation of those projects not only entrepreneurs and farmers economic situation was improved, but also the local communities. The projects were implemented by a coalition of non-government organizations under the leading of East Foundation in 36 villages located in 17 regions of Moldova. By 2014, under the Polish Aid East Foundation participates in the implementation of further development projects in 24 villages in 13 regions of Moldova.