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The study visit was held in realization of the project Ministry of Foreign Affairs No. 59/2014 "The development of rural entrepreneurship, cooperation and agricultural advisory system in Moldova".

During the visit, the guests visited the Institute of Potato Storage and Processing (Institute of Plant Breeding and Acclimatization, a branch in Jadwisin). They were acquainted with the specificity of cultivation and evaluation of the different varieties of potatoes. Also they were introduced to types of potatoes suitable for further processing and technological processes to ensure the highest quality end product.

Institute in Jadwisin has a specialized research plant, i.a. 8 acres experimental field, vegetation house, storage of 10 experimental chambers, the laboratory performing the analysis of the quality and chemical composition, a meteorological station, experiment hardware and specialized research equipment.

Next was presented Zakład Mechaniki Maszyn in Warsaw. Vegetable slicers produced there, due to its versatility, support food manufacturers, catering and food drying companies. The company is present on the market since 45 years.

During the next visit, company MULTI-SMAK presented production line for vegetable salads and standalone machines (also derived from the company's Zakład Mechaniki Maszyn in Warsaw). The owner described the story of origin and development strategy of the company.

Thanks to courtesy of MASA company, our guests got acquainted with professional vegetables slicers, shock freezers and steam ovens used in the catering industry. They discussed, with representatives of the company and distributors, projects of small production lines for vegetables processing.

During the visit of the MEGA plant, guests got acquainted with the offer of large industrial vegetable processing line and technological possibilities of the industrial lines construction and design. MEGA was established in 1996 and specializes in the design and manufacture of machines dedicated for large processing plants, as well as farmers and family businesses.