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The Project was co-financed by the Polish development cooperation programme 2010 of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland.

The aim of the project was to increase the collection and processing of milk and assumed support local dairy plant "Bravi-Lacta", supporting dairy cooperatives and Rezina Orhei region, bringing together over 1,000 farmers - dairy farmers.

The amount of the actual expenditure of the MFA grant: PLN 242,742.74
The own contribution and financing from other sources: PLN 128,433.36

Completed task was the first pilot project developed and implemented in the framework of sustainable rural development program in the region Braviceni, built up jointly by the local government and the Association for the Development of Rural Areas "Viata Satului" with the active support of the East Foundation.

The project responded to the problem of over-supply of milk in the months of spring - summer (which was associated with the periodic reduction of the buying and consequently lowering the income of farmers) and the problem of a large shortfall in the autumn and winter (which resulted in a reduction of production and caused problems for fulfilling its obligations to commercial customers).

The project realization consisted of the renovation and conversion of the existing building of the dairy in Braviceni for refrigerating space, allowing maximum buying milk in the summer, preparing and freezing intermediate and use it during the winter shortages. The project will give farmers the opportunity to sell in the summer months almost the entire milk production, which led to a significant increase in their income during the summer, and for the dairy possible to maintain continuity of production and supplies to commercial product manufactured in the autumn and winter. Purchase additional equipment made it possible to increase the sale of milk, cream, butter, and enter the local market with cream cheeses.

The project realized in accordance with the objectives have been following the direct results:

  • The delegation of the Polish experiences in the field of standards and EU requirements of milk processing.
  • Creating cold - freezing at the dairy plant in Braviceni.
  • Equipment in the dairy milk cooling tanks, equipment for packing butter, cream and milk and processed cheese.
  • Organisation of retail sales to commercial customers.
  • Training of employees of the dairy in the use of new machinery and equipment.