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The Project was co-financed by the Polish development cooperation programme 2011 of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland.

Project focused on infrastructure & ecology: sanitation system for public institution in Braviceni village.
In frames of this project they were constructed 3 model eco filters (innovative systems in Moldova) for all village public institutions and water waste management system organized in the village also for private households. The main results are following:

• know how transfer on eco cleaning filters (two study visit to Poland for 5 participants from Moldova and workshop organized by two experts from Poland during eco filters construction in Braviceni for 24 participants from Moldova)
• construction of 3 model eco filters and 13 toilets for public institutions (local school, kindergarten, policlinic, village council: totally for 680 beneficiaries)
• organization of water waste collection system for private households (purchased specialized septic tank for 4000 l. and one eco-filter adapted for that purpose)
• two large reservoirs (on capacity of 140 m3 and 45m3 respectively) were cleaned and repaired, prepared to serve as village "anti-fire tanks" (for cleaned "technical water" from eco filters)

Projects were visited by ambassador of Poland and MFA staff (field visit in December 2011) and Ministers of Agriculture and Ecology (Moldova), presented in local mass media (TV, radio and press).