In 2010, the Russian Orthodox Church provided aid to victims of the Summer 2010 wildfires in Russia.

Program was focused on emergency aid to the most effected victims of wildfires implemented by Russia Round Table (working in Moscow Patriarchate's Department for External Church Relations) with financial support of the International Christian Alliance 'Action by Churches Together' and International Orthodox Christian Charities/USA. The program was implemented in the Ryazan and Altai Regions.

1.771 beneficiaries received an individual hygiene kit and a set of bedding. Also, the program had as one of its components the psychological aid to victims, in the first place, women and children. The lists of the beneficiaries of this aid were thoroughly prepared by the program in cooperation with ROC's dioceses of Ryazan and Altai and local social services.

The program became a continuation of the long-standing cooperation of the Russian Orthodox Church and ACT Alliance in giving aid to victims of various natural disasters in the North Caucasus and other regions both inside and outside Russia.