The East Foundation gathered the regional anti AIDS Network to focus future ways of cooperation. Developed concept paper on HIV/AIDS regional program was discussed, approved and recommended for action. The "steering group" (composed from the most experienced regional partners) and jointly elected regional coordinator (EF "decentralized" staff based in IM CSS, Minsk Belarus - Anastasiya Kryvitskaya) become responsible for the conceptualization of future regional strategy on HIV/AIDS and for monitoring of the implementation process.

The regional anti AIDS Network have actually following members:
• Russia Round Table (DECR, Moscow);
• Interchurch Mission "Christian social service" Belarus;
• Charitable Foundation "Diaconia" (St. Petersburg);
• All Ukrainian Charity Foundation "Faith. Hope. Love", Ukraine;
• World Council of Churches Armenia Inter-Church Charitable Round Table Foundation (Armenia)
• Charity Department of the Moldavian Orthodox Church
Meeting gathered 16 participants coming from Eastern Europe & Caucasus That was the join initiative of the East Foundation with IM CSS/ Belarus.