The aim of the workshop was to explore and present the best practices regarding new technologies for environmental protections, which might be used in Belarus. That national event was planned as platform for information exchange on practical level between churches, related organizations and ecological NGOs in Belarus. It might was also a good opportunity to create a small network of specialists for advice regarding creation of small church related centers of ecological education in social and development work and its best use in the future. Workshop was organized in Synkovitchy, Slonim region/Belarus for 18 participants (mainly experts and activists on environmental protection) on October 29-30, 2012. During the workshop the practical training with small model project on use of solar systems for energy saving was implemented. The practical example of water waste eco cleaning filters for rural areas was also presented (already constructed in 2011 with CoS support). During the workshop the small coalition was created to apply for REC and GEF funding in 2013.