As part of regional networking the East Foundation is providing assistance to institutions working with disabled people. In 2010 successfully applied for funds from Trans-border Partnership Programme (joint programme of Norway Grants and MFA/Poland) for networking institutions working with disabled in Poland, Lithuania and Belarus. Project was focusing on exchange of methodologies, experts, trainers, best practices, but also beneficiaries – handicapped people (for sports competitions, cultural events/theatre, music, dance/, promotion of hand made products etc.). In 2011 due to financial support coming from Ministry of Education in Poland the similar project was supported in summer period for cooperation between institutions for disabled in Poland and Belarus. Financial contribution from CoS covering 10% of requested "own financial contribution" provide possibility for participation in the project partner from Belarus (sisterhood in Minsk, running large program for disabled for last several years). In 2012 the East Foundation tried to find for similar possibilities to facilitate participation of partners from Belarus in cross border cooperation.
Project "Polish - Belarus art meetings for young intellectually disabled people" was held for period from 01.07.2012 to 30.08.2012. It was a joint venture activity between specialized educational institutions in Poland and Belarus closely related to churches. In project frames several preparation activities were carried on in both countries with strong involvement of beneficiaries. Following that the joint workshop was organized in Poland in period 30.07-06.08.2012 for 23 beneficiaries and 6 specialists from both countries. CoS contribution was need to cover partly costs of participation of the Belarusian partners in the project.