The Foundation's objective shall be supporting actions for the benefit of international cooperation in the fields of development, prevention of social exclusion, raising awareness and development of civil society, enterprise and bringing together the nations and countries of Central and Eastern Europe and Caucasus. 

The Foundation shall be accomplishing its objective particularly through implementation of the international development aid programmes, including organisation and coordination of the development programmes; international cooperation for the development, democracy, market, education, science, culture, information exchange, environment and health protection, social and humanitarian aid, with particular consideration for the region of Central and Eastern Europe and Caucasus; activities supporting equaling chances of the weak or those endangered with social exclusion (among others: the disabled, the minorities, the refugees, people from the pathological contexts or the areas disadvantaged economically, socially, culturally)

Foundation "East" was established in April 2009, began operations in January 2010, carrying out development projects, educational and humanitarian assistance to Armenia, Belarus, Moldova and Russia.

The total value of projects completed in each year were amounted to:

2010 - above 497 000 Euro
2011 - above 370 000 Euro
2012 - above 594 000 Euro
2013 - above 820 000 Euro
2014 - above 1 000 000 Euro
2015 - above 951 000 Euro
2019 - above 858 000 Euro

Board of East Foundation consists of people with extensive experience in the implementation of development projects and programs, welfare, training in the countries of Central and Eastern Europe, the Balkans and the Caucasus. The Board of the Foundation are specialists and experts from both the Western European countries (Switzerland, the Netherlands), as well as representatives of specialized aid organizations from Eastern European countries (Armenia, Belarus, Moldova, Poland, Russia, Ukraine).