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The Project was co-financed by the Polish development cooperation programme 2011 of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland.

The immediate objectives of the project:
1) the organization system of buying, sorting, storing and packaging, distribution and sale of fruits and vegetables
2) Improve the quality and increase the production and sale of fruits and vegetables,
3) the creation of additional, stable jobs directly in the production of vegetables and fruits, their purchase, storage, packaging and distribution

Achieved results:
1) the transfer of knowledge and experience in the Polish standards required purchase, storage, packaging and distribution of fruits and vegetables, buildings, equipment, organization, buying, sanitary standards and to conduct cooperative producer.

2) started cold storage with a capacity of ok.1400 m3 for storing fruits and vegetables. Ultimately, the cold will be able to store more than 300 tons of fruits and vegetables per year.

3) launched a collection point, grading and packing of fruits and vegetables on the surface ok.110 m2. Recruited and trained five employees at the point of purchase and sale, and signed preliminary contracts with over 80 suppliers. The implementation of this component of the project allowed for the purchase of fruits and vegetables in the summer in an amount of about 3 tons per day, and then selling at about 300 tonnes per year. This gave farmers the opportunity to sell the surplus in the summer months, and the cooperative maintains the continuity of supply of goods to commercial customers throughout the year.

4) organized system of distribution and sale of vegetables, fruit and meat, whose turnover is around 3 tonnes per day in high season. Purchased car-isotherm, which has a positive effect on both the stability and efficiency of sales and also increases the profitability of the cooperative. Recruited and trained three workers, a marketing campaign to potential customers and signed preliminary contracts for supplies.

5) Increased the knowledge of farmers - producers of the production, pest control, principles of storage and storage, distribution and sale of fruits and vegetables by conducting training and consultation for farmers - producers and workers, which was attended by a total of about 80 people.

The effects of the project are: self-organization of farmers (in the form of cooperatives) and improving the efficiency and profitability of producers in the region Braviceni been fully achieved.