That is the second priority sector of the East Foundation work.

On the regional level there is a need for closer partners cooperation in order to ensure the mutual exchange of information, know-how & best practices. Our intention is to increase professionalism and operational capacity, promote joint planning and synergy of partners cooperation.

Therefore the East Foundation is focusing on following thematic issues:

• capacity building
• environmental protection
• migration (including GBV & anti-trafficking)


The East Foundation is very much involved in lobbing, advocacy and capacity building for rural development work in Eastern Europe & Caucasus.


Capacity building program for fund raising is important element, which might contribute to future sustainability of partners organizations in the region.


This project was focusing on capacity building of women organizations starting from project cycle management, Logical Frame Approach, project applications and in next stage organizational development, selection of priorities, creation of thematic/issue based coalitions, networks, cooperation with external partners, local authorities etc.



As part of regional networking the East Foundation is providing assistance to institutions working with disabled people.