The Sisterhood Union in Belarus is very unique organization in Belarus reality. It is the network of over 100 women faith based organizations focused on mainly volunteer based on social and diaconal activities. With some East Foundation assistance in 2009 the Sisterhood Union have been officially registered and most possible become the largest NGO legally working in Belarus. In last years the East Foundation supported several projects implemented by Sisterhood Union in different parts of Belarus mainly for disabled people (job creation, social assistance, cultural activities, capacity building etc.). This project was focusing on capacity building of women organizations starting from project cycle management, Logical Frame Approach, project applications and in next stage organizational development, selection of priorities, creation of thematic/issue based coalitions, networks, cooperation with external partners, local authorities etc. Two experienced trainers were invited to assist the Sisterhood Union in their capacity building process. In 2012 two major activities were implemented with CoS funding: 1 day training workshop for Sisterhood Union member partner organizations (for over 100 participants) and specialised training on project applications with focus on Logical Frame Approach for 15 women activists. Project will increase mainly Sisterhood Union leadership professionalism and quality of service for local partners.